How do you take responsibility for yourself?

The elders call it so well that I have to sit up and pay attention. So the discussion came around somehow about how one takes responsibility for themselves and I was asked well how do you take responsibility for yourself? I said ok another  trick question where I might have to go away and think about it or maybe I just give a “funny answer so she can get straight to the point” Ok, truth be told that day I was self conscious big time! Woke up early and getting ready to head to base, I said- cool cup of tea, iron my clothes and movements. Lo and behold, electricity decides to go! Normal every day thing thing eh! I silently curse because I have nothing ironed, I should know better right? When there is power get these things in place! Anyways I roll in looking like a ramfle diva! So yes a question about how do I take responsibility for myself went straight to my head! So by now I should also know no one cares about these things most of the time, she asked me you got an answer yet Nyabo?

Should I go away and come back with one? She laughed and said you people think you are so smart! She said Madam I can tell you this and when I am done you will know that I am absolutely right about you and it will make you start thinking and paying attention and stop moving through this journey like it’s just a job. Just as you cannot eat next week’s bread you cannot travel next week’s journey, pay attention! 

You, Miss Akosua Yaki, born on a Sunday, have a vested interest in your community and in the world. You are a full fledged citizen of them all. Your every thought, your every word and action has an impact on those around you and leaves a legacy for those who will follow you. You better get fully aware of the power to either create change or get over your discomfort of the support the status quo. You are willing but not sure how to accept your personal and collective responsibility of how society is ordered and governed. You will use your time, your resources and your voice to make the world a better place in which to live. That is how you take responsibility for yourself! You pay attention to who you are and what you have been put here, not here now, but HERE to do!

What do you say to me now Madam smart one?

I say ok!


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