Show up. Shine. Let it go!

I accept my calling: to show up and shine. Unfurled and honest. Determined to be only that which I am. (Unknown)

I woke up late, got upset with myself for missing the time to wake up and run whilst enjoying the awesome African sunrise, where the entire sky is yellow, it covers the area and ushers in the sun so beautifully I am always in awe of it every single time! Anyways, opportunity missed and I am now talking to myself and getting to a point of forgiving myself for missing the running for yet another morning. I decide to get a cup of tea and go through my morning ritual of reading something positive and uplifting to start the day, choose my clothes and get ready for the base. Just as I step into the kitchen the power goes! I silently curse! Then I started talking to myself again! Self, when you argue with reality you suffer, accept it and move on! Ok then, does accepting it mean you must like it? No, accepting it means that you acknowledge it and deal with it positively. Ok then, accept that you will be going to work looking like a ramfle diva!

I get to work and they tell me Madam you are to go at 5 to meet the Prime Minister with the boss! What? My clothes aren’t ironed! The boss came in she said ok you can’t go in jeans ok?
I rushed home to change all the way praying that there was power! My prayers were answered

The Company was called in to be honoured for being the best agricultural seeds company in Uganda elected by the people. The Prime Minister congratulated us, I was looking smart and smiling and it was such an honor to be there with her to collect the award!
So what did I learn today?

Be prepared! Be ready! Show up, shine and let it go and iron your clothes the night before when there is power!




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