Be grateful for the opportunity to live life purposefully

Be thankful of the wonderful gift of being able to serve humanity, your plant, you God. Be grateful for the opportunity to live your life purposefully in tune with the will of the Source of All. That’s a lot to be grateful for. Wayne Dyer author

I have now developed a ritual that I give thanks daily! I have started a gratitude journal where I record everything that I am grateful for, I have been disciplined in keeping this up more now so that I am here in Uganda. The feeling when I get when I am done is awesome! My heart overflows,  I feel such a privilege to have an opportunity to be alive and learning, to have family and friends who care and support me and to just an all round joy that makes me feel really good despite all the outer circumstances that occur on a daily basis.

Even though I hear the stories and sometimes see the scenes up North, I am still blown away by them sometimes. Yesterday was one of those days. Having an arbitrary conversation about the gender roles and one of the ladies says well there are some things that require just leaving alone! Do you see Edward, we need to treat him specially.

Edward was asked to help clean up some water that was spilled and his response was “I am an Acholi man, that is women’s work, I refuse” Now, me in my Western mind was like “Oh no he didn’t say that!” Everyone around just walked away.

Edward is the only one of his family who survived an attack from the LRA on his family, he did so by pretending to be dead! They came in and killed everyone of them saved him for last and then asked him to move the bodies, he refused and they shot him, he pretended to be died and they left! Since then he has a “short fuse” things trip him off! People leave him alone!
Edward seems normal on an everyday basis but when he “trips” it’s fireworks! When you speak to him he is thankful for life, he looks forward to everyday with enthusiasm, he wants a new family, he wants to go back home in the house that it all happened! He has goals and dreams!

Edward made me value gratitude a little bit more



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