Suga is back!

right now: Someone is regaining their sanity. Someone is coming back from the dead. Someone is genuinely forgiving the seemingly unforgivable. Someone is curing the incurable.(Danielle La Porte author)

I may have mentioned before that while I stayed in Manchester I did boxing training and did some boxing on the weekends (they call me Suga!!)

So when I got to Uganda I was on the lookout for a boxing gym to get Suga back on track! I asked around and everyone told me “Madam, no, just NO!” ok then! So I continued my early morning runs and that was that and put the whole boxing thing to bed. A couple of Friday’s I was minding my own business at the Women’s Day Celebration and was introduced to Opio, the best female boxing trainer around these parts! Oh wow!!! The Universe is soooooo awesome! So we spoke and he started giving me a training regime, I said whoa Opio-Opie baby I just want to have fun, the Las Vegas gig will have to wait! He says madam, raise the bar!!! He told me how much the training would cost. I said ok no problem I am excited!! (truth be told this money here confuses the hell out of me, everything is ah set ah thousands!!)

I got back to base and I am telling Charles – my “chaperone”. Charles. Suga is back!! He asked me how much? I said 35,000. He fell off his hair, that’s the foreigner’s price Suga!!! Let’s go talk to Opio.

We got there and Charles spoke to him in their language, the price is now 15,000!!!  I start my intensive boxing training on Sunday morning bright and early, Yaayyyy!!

Look out for the Suga

So what did I learn today?

Note to self: Learn about the money please! You live here and work here, take some responsibility for that! Also, walk with a local when negotiating prices!!




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