Trust your instincts, let go and let's go!

LET GO...or be dragged!! Decide to release the hold on what you've been hanging on to that has kept you stuck, frozen, ashamed, or indecisive. Let go of the clutter in your life, and decide not to do harm to yourself in your own mind. Allow yourself permission to release any memories of experiences that keep you from creating your GREATEST life. (Les Brown, motivational speaker)
We were discussing an option here of growing the operation. What it would take and she said it may take me letting go of very many things here and she called them out! My face told the story. I was thinking wow let go of those things? She asked me what was I thinking? I said hmm that’s a bit risky isn’t it?
Yes it is but its more risky to hold on to it and have it weigh you down, we can always rebuild, I know that for a fact, don’t ever be afraid to let go, believe in yourself and trust your instincts so let’s go and let go! We laughed!
I left the room and I was thinking that the Universe is so awesome I needed to hear that today and it came at the right time, what’s a beautiful lesson! Let go and have faith, you can always rebuild!
So what did I learn today?
When you are afraid to let go, that you do not have enough, that you cannot build, you are not merely in a state of material lack, you are in a state of spiritual crisis!


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