Fearless Women

Real and fearless women stand up and use their voices for things other than self promotion- (Gabrielle Union actress)

This morning I woke up, no water on the compound! I ran downstairs, they didn't have any either, ok then, Few minutes later the electricity decided to follow the water, I said to myself, well well what is really going on! I decided to check my messages, I was supposed to get an answer for an opportunity to finish my Phd with a woman supervisor who is well known in the field, I checked it and the answer was  a big fat NO! I was also hoping a friend of mine contacted me after we had a conversation yesterday, he didn't! So I checked in to the pity party!! Then I remembered I have to attend this International Women's Day celebration! well that certainly put every bloody thing into perspective

In steps Juliet – The Survivor, 23, Juliet is a former abducted girl from Pader District, northern Uganda. She spent about seven years in the bush after being kidnapped by the LRA when she was 11.It happened during holidays in 2002. ( I said 2002, not 1902) They just came abruptly in the morning at about 11am when she was inside washing some clothes. They forced her to go with them. She was taken to live with one of the commanders and two other girls aged 12 and 13 and served as a ‘housewife’ for them. She said, the worst part was walking everyday from 7am until 6pm. Walking to avoid the UPDF(the Gov't's Army) from attacking them. They were always on the move. Everyday they had to carry everything and moved to Sudan and spent some years there, and also went to the DRC (Congo) before coming back to Uganda. When she was 19, she was shot by the UPDF. She was taken to Nairobi for treatment. That was when she managed to escape. Her story is not unique! It is actually one of the better ones that I have heard!

The celebrations were great, there was dancing, singing, fashion, food just celebrating these awesome women who braved all sorts of conditions to tell their story and guess what? Not one of them was moaning, complaining, bitter, just grateful to be alive and to get to see their family, to go to school and be free!!!

What was I sad about again???????????????

Give thanks and breathe it in, because you are blessed!



  1. We are blessed indeed Ako..Our issues are miniscule in comparison to theirs. Away with petty complaints & praise God for life!

  2. Love that! away with petty complaints!!


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