The tools!

Get centered and calm yourself down. An anxious mind can't take you where you need to go Les Brown, motivational speaker

Ok brutally honest time here, I was having a moment yesterday; you know when you are not really paying attention? When you are focusing on everything else but the NOW? So I am in the car, three of the women with me and we are leaving base heading home. Driving in Africa is an adventure, there are “very many” cars, boda-boda’s (motorcycles), mini buses, pedestrians and the roads are at most dust hardly any tarmac. To add to the mix, policemen come and cause their own brand of disorder. A ten minute journey can take an hour on some days when the police decide to get involved! So we are in the car, an hour has passed, people are driving on the pavement, its scorching hot hot hot, the police are doing their own thing, I’m hungry, I want to go to the ladies room. “I say jeez what a journey!!”
One of the lady says to be “Madam, your journey here is authentic and unique, compare it to anyone you must not, you are prepared for your journey, do you know that we all are?, what you people do is want to show up with everything ready down to the last detail but that is not what is required for life, it just requires that you show up ready and agreeable, you get what you need along the way, and you leave what you no longer need”
At first, I am listening to her saying “oh gosh, not now for a lesson, let me find a toilet and some food please!!!”
Of course they cannot read my mind so the conversation continued ‘Madam, do you know the tools that we use for farming? Well what is the tool really for? The tool alone cannot produce the harvest, it is how we use the tool, the tool is not the inventive energy, you are, I mean the person who uses the tool. The tools just make the job easier or maybe not easier. Just like your journey, the tools that you have will not be useful if you don’t use it, do not feel frustrated if you do not immediately get how to use the tools you receive on your journey, do not be angry  at the tools, do not judge and condemn them, you will grow into using them and you will see using the exact same tools the journey will become so much easier and sometimes more pleasant, so here you have tools and you get to choose what to do with them. You will grow in your spiritual understanding so that you can use the tools at  levels you never even thought that you could, ok so let us see how we can use some of your driving tools to get out of this jam , it is too much, why don’t you create your own lane like the rest of these disturbed souls” and they all burst out laughing!!!

So what did I learn today?
Pay attention, you just never know where a tool  or a lesson might appear!!!



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