Safely in Masindi

Do you continue to carry those thoughts and feelings that haunt your development? This is a time of choice, This is a time of alignment and assignment of future perspectives. Start as you mean to go on. And remember that you chose, what to keep and what to put down. Remember, for this is a year of responsibility. This is a year of ownership. This is a year of acceptance, for this year will not be controlled. This year will make many things manifest for all. A year of harvest.
Which seeds have you sown? (Natalie Stewart, my favourite poet)
I set off for Masindi yesterday, its a pretty long drive, at least four hours one way without "jam" , that's what they call traffic here! Driving along well and at about the third hour, the police stopped me! I just saw about five big looking fellas when I pulled over, the police man came over to the car, if you see the handsome guy?? I was like whoaaaa! Almost speechless. Dark and lovely! He said "Madam where are you coming from?" me, still in my awe was on a different planet! "Madam, madam" Ah yes yes sorry Mr Police Man, how are you today with all the charm I can muster!! He asked for drivers permit and then there was silence! This is usually the time the infamous Kitikidogo passed, I realised that ok this is where  I either pull out my purse or pull out some charm offensive. I chose the latter and started talking to that officer about anything under the sun! He says Madam, you go, safe journey!!
I got to Masindo, which is extremely rural, the town reminds me of a picture I saw in my grandmother's ablum of Port of Spain in the 1950's, met with the ladies, very productive session. I showed up as myself and it was so much easier than anything else I was ever thinking to do!
So we start implementing what was discussed yesterday and I will take a look at the Masindi town which has lovely waterfalls and rivers, chimpanzees and baboons like stray dogs and a fruit called Jack fruit which has a whole ritual of picking and eating off the tree!
So what did I learn today?
Show up as yourself every single time!Stand up in yourself! Stand up and be yourself!


  1. How u didn't get the number of cutie!!..Lol


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