New Models

Most people are dying from ignorance (Hosea 4:6)

Quit obsessing over what you need. Direct your focus and attention and energy toward what you can do. (Ralph Marston, author)
Yesterday I attended the launch of the USAID Feed the Future Project in Kampala. This is a US $3.5B project initiated by President Obama and his administration to  work with Ugandan farmers, predominantly, women to increase inputs off their farm and by extension improve on their livihoods. What’s awesome about this project is that they are promoting and using private sector organisations recognising that they do form part of the value chain. Trying new models as the old ones have been coming up short over the years! As usual the North of the country is a focus as they have been working on rebuilding after the twenty year civil war. 
Despite the growth over the last few years, Uganda still suffers from widespread poverty, hunger and malnutrition, the rural population is over 87% with startling figures of stunting in children, anaemia and malnutrition! This project is focusing on trade not aid which makes it different to the past programmes. The end product is for self sustainability! I am looking forward to this initiative and getting involved in some of the programmes that are planned.

So what did I learn today?
The Universe doesn’t censor, it just creates, on Monday we were discussing trade not aid and being self sustainable and Tuesday here comes an opportunity, a bridge to assist in getting there! Be careful what you say because the moment you think and believe something it is created whether it is good or not so good



  1. Lately i have come to believe the last sentance of what did i learn today,so i have to keep good thoughts in my mind.

  2. Thoughts are things, when the not so good ones come I let it pass through and don't settle and focus on it!

  3. True talk Akosua..I also agree with the other contibutor about keeping good thoughts in our mind. I went to a seminar lately and the speaker stated that the greatest cause of stress was the past & the future...we spend too much time regreting the past (things that we absolutely cannot change) and then to top it off we are anxious and worried about the future. If we would just focus on the here and now and work on having positive thoughts and doing our best in the moment, then our future will automatically be charted for us...Have goals to guide us, but just quiet sweating the small stuff.

    1. Focusing on the NOW is something that I have learnt to do over time. In his book Eckart Tolle talks about how the "now" has power and I have come to agree with him. When I focus on the right now I realise that hey its all ok! right now I am alive with every single thing I need at the present moment with is right now! then what's the reason to worry or stress? there really is none!


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