Learn to JUST BE

The goodness in your life does not come to you from someone else. When you see this you will be free. There is no reason and no need to play up to another to remain in their good graces. Remain in your own by not betraying yourself. Simply speak your truth with gentleness and love and have courage for what you seek is not outside of you. It is yours to give, not to acquire. Let no one therefore hold you hostage. Neal Donald Walsh, author


So I came here for a job, to work, to complete a specific task! It turns out that my job has become a transformational journey, a message a day, a spiritual awakening I would say! And the lessons continue right on cue! Talking about money today brought up such an interesting lesson which I thought was so fitting for me right now I just had to give the intelligent response of OK!

When you realise that you are not your own source nor the source of anyone else you will not stress so much, anxiety will not grip you in the throat you will be more at ease, you will be able to sleep better at night you will not be so overly conscious about your sensitivity of the future . When you realise that you are part of the Divine Flow by your very soul, you will enjoy life more

I suspect that you are missing today in preparing for tomorrow, live today. There will be less concern about who is giving what to whom, where, when and how. There will be far less concern about who is receiving what from whom, how, when or why and this includes yourself. Just start with yourself, start with who you are, know  that you are simply not an entity in this space called earth that activity is happening to. Understand that you are a place and space where Divine Activity is happening through. Learn to be just learn to be


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