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right now: Someone is fighting the fight so that you don’t have to. (Danielle La Porte, author)

Update on road trip, I got lost yesterday! I kept asking myself what’s the lesson here? I said “self, do not for any reason slip into a state of panic” So here’s the story it is night time, raining and there are no street lights in most places! There is a lot of “jam” because of the combination of police and rain and I am lost!!

I decided to find a petrol station, I get into the station, asks how do I get to Lugogo? Madam just drive there and he points ahead. There is where exactly? Left? Yes madam, or right? Yes madam! Hmm not the answer I expected. I politely thanked the young man and started driving back to where I came from. Then I decided let me call Charles, who usually accompanies me on these trips. I call him, “I’m lost!” Where are you? “If I knew I would say!” he said get to a petrol station and ask! Hmm did that, try another one then. Ok

I found another petrol station- how do I get to Lugogo? Madam drive this way? Hmm, let me ask the question differently! How do I get to Game? Same answer!

3 hours later I eventually found my way to Lugogo!

So what did I learn today?

Don’t ask for directions in a petrol station!



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