It all starts with me!

We often search outside of ourselves for the love that already exists within us. And, in our seeking, we place responsibility and blame onto others when they don't show up and respond to us in the way that we think they should. We have the power of free will and of choice that is our divine birthright. In that, we get to choose to be the love that we are seeking.  Inyanla Vanzant

A lady said to me yesterday " what are you waiting for to start living?" I was puzzled by the statement! I asked her whatever do you mean? She said to me I have seen you all week around the place and I can tell that you are walking around like a zombie!
Well well, where did that come from? I thought to myself. I thought, let me pay attention to this and hear what she has to say. It seems as though you came back here with a full mind and it feels to me that it has to do with love. All the love you want you have, all the things you want you have, stop the search! Start living!

I love the lessons on this journey!!
Thought I would share what with you guys today

So what did I learn today?
It all starts with me!

Oh - apologies for the mix up on the post yesterday, seems I was really walking around like a zombie!!


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